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Proving the Value of Modern Knowledge Management

About this event

Poor knowledge-sharing practices cost Fortune 500 companies about $31.5 billion annually... How much is it costing you?

Businesses are accumulating data faster than ever before. As a result — hours upon hours are lost each day hunting for files, subscriptions, surveys, and internal experts.

In fact, up to 25% of an insights professional's workweek is spent searching files and systems for answers they can’t find.

Luckily, the right technology can help your business to reduce duplicate efforts, increase productivity, and save both time and money.

Join Scott Litman, Managing Partner at Lucy, Marco Vontobel, Co-founder & CEO at Starmind, and Laura Baker, CEO at KnowledgeHound, for an in-depth look at the real cost of inaccessible data, the ways leading technology providers are working together to unify company information, and how to gain more robust data through leveraging a powerful Knowledge Management Insights Engine.

Throughout this illuminating discussion, you’ll uncover actionable strategies to help overworked insights teams keep up with demand by reducing redundancy and duplicated efforts. You’ll also learn how to quantify your business case for implementing new knowledge management technology so that you can chart a better path forward to increased ROI.

3 Things You’ll Learn:

  • Tech Strategies: How to implement an integrated approach to accessing valuable data
  • Business Justification: Understand the key benefits of an Insights Engine for your company and how to avoid unexpected overhead for the best ROI
  • Proven Impacts for Insight Teams: Discover what your team can gain by improving your knowledge management systems - real results from real teams who've made the switch

Hosted by

  • Guest speaker
    Laura Baker CEO @ KnowledgeHound

    Laura joined KnowledgeHound in March of 2020 to oversee all things revenue, including client support, sales, account management, and marketing. Prior to KnowledgeHound, Laura spent nearly 15 years at Mintel, the world's leading market intelligence agency, scaling and growing teams in the Americas.

  • Guest speaker
    Scott Litman Managing Partner @ Lucy

    Scott is an entrepreneur in search of new ways technology can advance the mission of organizations. He has a long history of building businesses that help Fortune 1000s take advantage of cutting-edge digital transformation.

  • Guest speaker
    Marc Vontobel Co-founder & CEO @ Starmind

    Marc is a computer scientist turned entrepreneur with a real passion for building high-tech companies - which he’s done on multiple occasions from bootstrapping through to double-digit million venture capital funding rounds.


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