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Survey Design That Uncovers What Your Customers Are Truly Thinking

About this event

As we navigate the final quarter of the year, many insight pros have one question on their minds: “How will customer buying habits change again this holiday season?”

To find the answers, you’ll need a well-designed survey.

Join GreenBook, Suzy, and a few very special guests on Thursday, October 13th to learn how to transform your approach to survey design, predict consumer behavior during seasonal transitions, and create new opportunities for your business to thrive. 

3 Things We’ll Explore:

  1. How to design surveys that gather the most accurate consumer data
  2. Trends that reveal what customers are planning to spend, splurge, or forego in light of economic uncertainty
  3. The unveiling of Suzy’s brand new case study about a recent, and eye-opening, consumer insights project 

Hosted by

  • Guest speaker
    William Cimarosa SVP of Marketing Research @ Suzy

  • Guest speaker
    Tracie Dempsey VP of Customer Success @ Suzy


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