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Customer eXperience: how to generate more leads and automate sales process

About this event

In 2022, every organization, and particularly those with young customers, has to adapt to new ways of doing business.

Digitalization is of course the number one challenge, but customization is of vital importance either, and written conversations or texts are the best way to engage leads and customers online. Sales, assistance, retention: the whole customer journey now requires one:one conversation processing and automation, and that's what we provide you with: a very simple all in one Customer eXperience management platform :)

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Agrégez l'ensemble de vos canaux digitaux

Greenbureau propose un panel de solution digitales pour la relation client.
- Conversez avec vos clients sur les messageries instantanées.
- Enrichissez vos conversations avec un chatbot.
- Personnalisez votre expérience client.
- Suivez vos performances sur nos outils de reporting.