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How to use texting to improve student engagement and boost admissions

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Every student uses WhatsApp and other texting applications. Engage them through their favorite channels, where they are all the time, and you'll find out how responsive they can be, as compared to phone or e-mail.

Then, just use a simple tool to bring together all these conversations and take advantage of them to follow up and convert more and more students...

... Use texting to boost admissions online!

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    Yan Tamalet co-fondateur @ Greenbureau


Agrégez l'ensemble de vos canaux digitaux

Greenbureau propose un panel de solution digitales pour la relation client.
- Conversez avec vos clients sur les messageries instantanées.
- Enrichissez vos conversations avec un chatbot.
- Personnalisez votre expérience client.
- Suivez vos performances sur nos outils de reporting.