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Grieve Well: Understanding Grief Workshop

About this event

We are pleased to host this webinar in partnership with the Tecumseh District Library that provides quality service, access to ideas, information, experiences, and resources to support and enrich people's lives.

Did you know that there are healthy ways to grieve? The first step is to understand this painful but important part of life. During this presentation, you will learn about grief and the effects it has on one’s physical and emotional health. You will receive information and resources to help you move through your grief journey in a way that leads toward healing. This presentation is for those who are mourning the death of a loved one, those supporting someone who is grieving, or for those who want more information about grief.

During the webinar you will be given writing prompts. You can download and print the prompts along with our digital booklet in advance by clicking HERE.

If you need additional support or would like to learn more about us, visit www.grievewell.com.

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    Bryana Keggins

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    Christy Miller Program Director @ GrieveWell

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    Carol Lessure Executive Director @ GrieveWell


A community of hope and healing

GrieveWell provides resources and support to individuals in grief, as well as those who surround them, in order to build a community that promotes healthy grieving and healing.