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Join our co-Founder and CTO Yechezkel Rabinovich, and our Head of Product Orr Benjamin for a 30-minute live deep dive into the groundcover cloud-native observability platform.

In this session we'll cover:

* What eBPF is and how it's changing observability.

* Getting started and installing groundcover

* Troubleshooting issues with groundcover's logs, metrics and traces.

* Creating custom dashboards and alerts

Hosted by

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    Orr Benjamin

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    Yechezkel Rabinovich CTO @ groundcover

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    Shahar Azulay CEO & co-Founder @ groundcover

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    Mor Levy Gaier VP Marketing @ groundcover


Monitor everything you run in K8s without compromising on cost, granularity, or scale.

groundcover is a Kubernetes application monitoring solution that reinvents the domain with eBPF. Built for modern production environments, it enables teams to instantly monitor everything they build and run in the cloud without compromising on cost, granularity, or scale.