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Master Class: A painless and lossless transition to an optimized o11y stack

About this event

Join us in this deep dive demonstration, showing how an organization can migrate from their legacy APM solution to groundcover's modern observability stack, putting aside all fear of data loss and endless pain. Witness the power of an eBPF-powered solution, coupled with OTel integrations.

In this story-driven session, we will cover:

  • Step-by-step migration from a legacy APM solution to groundcover
  • Integrating your custom Prometheus metrics
  • Doing all that without leaving a single dashboard behind!

Then, we will proceed to answering all your questions. Remember, we have our co-founder and CTO, our Head of Product and our Founding Engineer on this Master Class - ask them anything!

Hosted by

  • Team member
    Orr Benjamin Head of Product @ groundcover

  • Team member
    Yechezkel Rabinovich Co-Founder and CTO @ groundcover

  • Team member
    Noam Levy Founding Engineer @ groundcover


Monitor everything you run in K8s without compromising on cost, granularity, or scale.

groundcover is a Kubernetes application monitoring solution that reinvents the domain with eBPF. Built for modern production environments, it enables teams to instantly monitor everything they build and run in the cloud without compromising on cost, granularity, or scale.