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PIGLET WEBSERIES #2 - Which feed solutions to secure the digestive process in piglets?

About this event

Piglet demedication is a great challenge for the pig industry. CCPA Group, pioneer in this field, has developed a unique know-how and has become a reference over the last 10 years.

The ban of zinc oxide at therapeutic dose in piglet feed in Europe is a major challenge to face in order to maintain post-weaning performance and ensure animal welfare. In this context, the CCPA nutritionists invite you to attend their webinar series presenting their innovations related to the 3 pillars in the demedication approach: the feed formulation, the alternative feed solutions and the farm management.

Episode #2 - Which feed solutions to secure the digestive process in piglets?

Securing the digestive process involves to act not only on the intestinal epithelium but also on the digestive microbiota and the piglet immunity. Numerous solutions are present on the market: pre- and probiotics, acidifiers, plant extracts. What are their mode of actions? Which one to choose among them? Can we combine some of them? Come and find all the experience of our specialists, both in experimental farms and in the field, and discover IMMAX®, the CCPA Group last generation piglet solution.

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    Alice Hamard Swine department Manager @ CCPA

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    Anne-Sophie Valable Product Manager @ CCPA Group

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    Vincent Bégos Ingénieur Département Production Porcine, Swine Nutritionist

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