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Programmatic Advertising Ecosystem With Growth Channel AI

About this event

Navigating the complex landscape of programmatic platforms can be daunting with the hundreds of choices between DSPs, DMPs, and other essential tools for running your ad campaigns.

In this webinar, join Maryna Burushkina, the visionary Founder and CEO of Growth Channel, as she demystifies the Programmatic Advertising Ecosystem and explores the transformative role of AI in 2024, moving beyond the realms of so-much talked about generative AI.

This session will delve into:

  1. The power of DMPs in micro-targeting, leveraging audience data, and navigating the cookieless future.
  2. The world of DSPs and selecting the best ad networks for your needs.
  3. Foot traffic attribution to measure and enhance your marketing impact.

Don't miss this opportunity to elevate your marketing strategy and gain competitive edge in 2024.

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    Maryna Burushkina CEO @ Growth Channel

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