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Unlocking Ad Success: Geofencing with Events IQ

About this event

As advertising continues to evolve, agencies have new opportunities to reach target audiences in more effective and efficient ways. This webinar dives into one of the key features of the Growth Channel platform: Geofencing with Events IQ.

Most advertising platforms have limited targeting capabilities with broad audiences and coverage, while at Growth Channel we focus on micro-targeting and narrowing down the reach to a very specific audience. This way advertisers can target potential customers down to the events they attend, past location visits, and frequency.

What we will cover in this webinar:

  1. What is geofencing and how it's used in business
  2. Best practices for applying geofencing strategies in advertising
  3. How Events IQ works
  4. Q&A

Hosted by

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    Maryna Burushkina CEO @ Growth Channel

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