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GSIC Webinar: Embracing the multisport through technology and innovation - Chapter 4

About this event

As you might remember, in June of this year we launched a special series of webinars called Sports Industry Digital Transformation Online Forum organized in collaboration with Sport Singapore, that consisted of session related to the sports such as tennis, motorsport, handball, triathlon, bawling, table tennis and more.

We explored together how the digital transformation is driven by the leading sports entities in these sports, what results they achieve and what’s their plans the future. Within all the sessions we covered important matters starting from these entities’ strategic vision and getting to their actual work on smart facilities, fan experience, performance, business insights & productivity, etc.

Now it is a time for the last session of the series, “Embracing the multisport through technology and innovation. Chapter 4”, that will take place on December 15 at 09:30 (Madrid). This time we will take a look at what’s happening in basketball.

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    Jesus (Chus) Bueno VP EMEA @ NBA

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    Carlos Canto Ambassador @ GSIC

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