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Presentation of White Paper “Gaming and Sport During COVID”

About this event

One of the reasons why sport has mass appeal is it’s very personal nature, since the narrative of a match involves combat and a desire to win. From this emerge heroes, which makes rivalries almost an inevitable. Gaming is similar as a consumer experience – in the design of on-screen animation, the plotlines & characters of the narrative, and, the instantaneous thrill of wining (or losing).

This paper starts by looking at the reasons behind the explosive growth of Gaming over the past two decades – driven mainly by access to reliable, and affordable, smart devices (be they consoles, desktops/laptops, and, most recently, mobiles) and telecom data connectivity (both 3G and 4G).

We will present this White Paper "Gaming and Sport During COVID" on October 29 with some of the organizations whose best practices we included in it such as:

  • Alfredo Bermejo - Digital Strategy Director, LaLiga
  • Chester King - Vice President, Global Esports Federation
  • Carlos Alimurung - Chief Executive Officer, ONE Esports

We are pleased to count with our GSIC APAC Ambassador and co-author of our White Paper Unmish Parthasarathi for moderation of this session.

Registrants will be among the first to receive the associated whitepaper written by GSIC, Sport Singapore and Picture Board Partners.

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  • Guest speaker
    Alfredo Bermejo Digital Strategy Director @ LaLiga

  • Guest speaker
    Carlos Alimurung CEO @ ONE Esports

  • Guest speaker
    Unmish Parthasarathi Founder & Executive Director @ Picture Board Partners

  • Team member
    Gsic Powered By Microsoft

  • Guest speaker
    Chester King Vice President @ Global Esports Federation

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