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GSIC powered by Microsoft invites you to their webinar

SportIn Global and GSIC powered by Microsoft - Data and Future of Sports - Europe

About this webinar

On Wednesday 30th of September at 9 am (CEST), we invite you to the second session of “Data and Future of Sports” Summit in which we collaborate with our member SportIn Global.

This event brings together the greatest minds in the sports and sports technology industry, event partners, and students studying sports all around the world. The event will feature a total of 15 speakers sharing their insights into how data is rapidly changing the world sport and what we can expect to see in the future of the industry.

The agenda of the event will be the following:

09h to 09h05 - SportIn Intro

09h05 to 09h15 – Iris Cordoba

09h15 to 09h40 – Carlos Cantó

09h40 to 09h50 - Break Showcase partners

09h50 to 10h15 - Prof António Veloso

10h15 to 10h40 - Alexandre Dreyfus

10h40 to 10h50 - Break Startups Pitch

10h50 to 11h15 - Hisham Shehabi

11h15 to 11h25 - Break Showcase partners

11h25 to 11h50 - Pedro A de Alarcon

12h - The End

At this second event we are honoured to have top-notch speakers for Europe edition:

Hosted by

  • Guest speaker
    PD G
    Pedro Antonio De Alarcon Sanchez Head of Big Data for Social Good and Sports Analytics @ Telefonica

  • Team member
    Gsic Powered By Microsoft

  • Guest speaker
    HS G
    Hisham Shehabi Co-founder, COO @ N3XT Sports

  • Guest speaker
    AD G
    Alexandre Dreyfus Socios.com

  • Team member
    AS T
    Andrea Suinaga Comunications & Public Affairs Intern @ GSIC

  • Guest speaker
    AV G
    Antonio Veloso Faculdade de Motricidade Humana

  • Guest speaker
    Carlos Canto Ambassador @ GSIC

  • Team member
    IC T
    Iris Vanina Cordoba

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