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Virtual Meeting - Training Solutions: Reshaping Sports

About this event

Technology and sport are merging more and more every day. The different entities of the sector as well as the athletes themselves know that they have to be increasingly intelligent and committed on and off the court.Innovation and technological advances are present at all levels of sport, with the aim of improving both performance and the experience that the activity represents.

That’s why, next Friday 11th of December at 10:00 (Madrid time) and 17:00 (Singapore time) we invite you for our Virtual Meeting about Training Solutions: Reshaping Sports. In this session we are pleased to count with:

iAltitude: a company dedicated to the development software and hardware for the production and commercialization of simulated altitude systems. It is the world’s first company ever able to profile and design a software with the ability of collecting a series of data, on pulse and oximetry levels, and to schedule a personalized altitude training depending on the particular physiological reaction of each person or athlete to the stimulus.

MX3 Diagnostics: the power of a lab in the palm of your hand. MX3 is changing what's possible for health diagnostics. This revolutionary platform is the first simple, reliable way to measure and track salivary and sweat biomarkers-anytime, anywhere. The MX3 Pro System uses a saliva sample from the tip of the tongue to take lab grade measurements in seconds. Using the portable handheld meter, disposable test strips, and an easy-to-use app, teams, trainers, military personnel and OSHA managers can finally measure, track, and manage users

Rezzil: is one of the world’s leading platform for developing elite footballers. The Rezzil platform is complementary to field work, using drills designed and tested by the world’s best players: Rezzil improves cognition, decision making and overall resilience. Rezzil drills are academically shown to identify a player’s strengths and areas to improve; with scores on accuracy under pressure, technical adaptability and our proprietary Rezzil Index you can quickly see how to step up to the next level.

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  • Guest speaker
    Javier Campo Advisory Partner @ iAltitude

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    Gsic Powered By Microsoft

  • Guest speaker
    Gursharan Chana Director - Biomedical Science @ MX3 Diagnostics, Inc.

  • Guest speaker
    Andy Etches Co-Founder & Director @ Rezzil

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