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Domain-Driven Design with CQRS and Event Sourcing

About this webinar

Developers and domain experts tend to speak in different languages. In recent years, domain-driven design (DDD) has increasingly established itself as an approach to narrow this gap.

This session is a practical introduction for developers and architects who wish to understand the basic ideas behind Event-sourcing and CQRS and how they leverage Domain-driven development.

We start off with a basic NodeJS CRUD service as we gradually apply a combination of Event-sourcing and CQRS patterns while enforcing basic DDD principles. 

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    Hackages is a tech-education company focusing on all aspects of IT-Development. We provide a professional standard of training sessions to grow your skillset and realise developer projects through our expertise in training, product development and consultancy.


Hackages is a tech-education company focusing IT-Development. We provide training and mentorship for developers and consulting services for businesses in technologies like React and Angular.