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React & State management revisited (Redux, Unstated, Mobx, Context, Recoil) | Hacklunch

About this webinar

Hi everyone! This time our webinar will be about all things state management in React!

State management is hard and you need to take architectural decisions early in your project that will help you build well-tested and well-architectured applications.

There are many solutions out there to handle state in your applications. Redux is probably the most popular.

However, React comes with its own solutions and some people argue you don’t always need Redux. And they’re right. However, there are cases where Redux or Mobx or Recoil are needed.

In this session, we will walk you through different reasons why you would use Redux, Recoil and other possible solution out there.

This is a hands-on session so we expect you to have a good understanding of React, React Context and React state (internal state).

Bonus point:

  • Demos will be in TypeScript
  • We will show you some State management library you’ve never heard of.
  • Demos will be recorded

It's going to be a fun session, register to get your webinar link!

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