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Web Accessibility best practices for frontend | Hacklunch with Javier Smith Paterson

About this event

Hi developers,

This live webinar session will focus on using the best practices for developing usable and accessible user interfaces.

Did you know that 1 out 5 Europeans suffer a form of disability and 1.3 billion people have disabilities globally?

We, as developers, need to ensure our user interfaces and user experience are inclusive to everyone who uses it!

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This webinar will be hosted by Javier Smith Paterson, who is a web accessibility Lead, React Architect & Senior Frontend for the European Patent Office. He has strong experience in React.js and offering UI's that respect usability standards, user interface design, keyboard navigation, clear and effective architecture for accessibility, compatibility, responsiveness and quick download websites for a better mobile experience.

We hope you enjoy this webinar!

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    Hackages Team

    Hackages is a tech-education company focusing on all aspects of IT-Development. We provide a professional standard of training sessions to grow your skillset and realise developer projects through our expertise in training, product development and consultancy.

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    Javier Smith Paterson Accessibility Lead @ European Patent Office

    Strong experience in Javascript and frontend technologies mainly with React.js, React hooks, state management with Redux and Vuex, general Javascript code design patterns and data structures and architecture, ES6/7 and modern Web Application best practices.


Hackages is a tech-education company focusing IT-Development. We provide training and mentorship for developers and consulting services for businesses in technologies like React and Angular.