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Age Diversity Forum: Valuing Age Diversity in the Workplace

About this event

To celebrate Champion Age Diversity Day 2022, The Age Diversity Forum invite you to the 'Valuing Age Diversity in the Workplace' webinar.

As custodian of Champion Age Diversity Day, The Age Diversity Forum is delighted to invite you to a very special live event on June 9th, hosted by Age Diversity Champions, Hansuke.

We are celebrating Age Diversity in the workforce on June 9th with a live international event featuring a keynote address and a panel discussion with inclusion speakers from international industry and academia.

The Age Diversity Forum is the global hub for age diversity in the workplace, offering a practical approach to ensure that organisations achieve the benefits and values of an age diverse workforce.

The business case for diversity is more prominent, but unfortunately, there continues to be challenges in breaking down barriers of age bias in the employment arena. Age is a legally protected characteristic in many countries, but yet, is largely overlooked as a strategic inclusion initiative.

Champion Age Diversity Day is raising the awareness of the values and benefits that an age diverse workforce can bring to organisations, of all size and sector. No industry sector is immune to these challenges, and none are restricted by geography. And, as it is for say, LGBTQ, gender and disability, it is wrong, unjust and (in many countries) it is also illegal, to discriminate against age.

An attention to age diversity, uniquely, also provides inter-sectional access to other diversity and inclusion agenda, including gender, ethnicity, disability and LGBTQ.

More businesses and organisations are now planning their strategies for sustainability and growth, recognising the benefits and values gained from a multi-generational workplace. We are now seeing increased traction, from organisations who now recognise the improved performance and well-being impact and are seeking to establish themselves as a committed employer for age diversity.

Champion Age Diversity Day enables us all, to bring attention to the age agenda to the fore.

What will we cover?

Our aim for this live event, is to raise awareness of the age agenda, to provide information and resources, highlighting why the age agenda is so important right now. We invite questions how you can overcome challenges and realise benefits of an age diverse workforce.

We will discuss why the age agenda is important…what values a consideration for age diversity can bring…and how you can realise the benefits of a multi-generational, inter-sectional workforce. We will demonstrate why the age agenda deserves parity in the inclusion conversation.

The keynote address from Karina Robinson, Co-Director of the Inclusion Initiative at the London School of Economics, will discuss the practical approach that the Inclusion Initiative has taken, to blend and align academia and research to real business demands.

Our fantastic international panel, including Denise Reed Lamoreaux from Microsoft (NY) and Dr. Megan Gerhardt, from Miami University, will follow, to bring out the fundamentals of the values of age diversity. The age demographic population phenomenon is described as a global mega-trend, which brings tremendous opportunities for improved working, learning, living and well-being.

The panel will be chaired by Ali Kazimi, MD at Hansuke, a great advocate and speaker for the age inclusion agenda on the international stage.


  • Karina Robinson - Co-Director, The Inclusion Initiative at the London School of Economics
  • Denise Reed Lamoreaux - Worldwide Learning Director, Microsoft, NY
  • Dr. Megan Gerhardt - Professor of Management and Leadership, The Farmer School of Business at Miami University
  • Steve Anderson - CEO, The Age Diversity Forum
  • Ali Kazimi - Managing Director, Hansuke

We encourage you to share across your social media networks, and we ask that you please use the hashtag #ChampionAgeDiversity to raise awareness.

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Hosted by

  • Guest speaker
    Steve Anderson CEO @ The Age Diversity Forum

  • Guest speaker
    Ali Kazimi Managing Director @ Hansuke

  • Guest speaker
    Karina Robinson CEO @ Robinson Hambro

  • Guest speaker
    Megan Gerhardt Professor of Management and Leadership @ Miami University

  • Guest speaker
    Denise Reed Lamoreaux Worldwide Learning Director of Customer Success for Accessible Accommodations @ Microsoft NY

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