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Brexit from DAC6: The FS Impact

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On 30 December 2020, one day after the UK's acceptance of the Trade and Cooperation Agreement with the EU, the UK abandoned certain important aspects of the DAC6 reporting, i.e. the obligation to report arrangements that fulfil hallmarks A to C and E. Only hallmark D shall remain in force in the UK (automatic exchange of information and beneficial ownership).

It is not yet clear what - exactly - this change means from the UK perspective. Basically, the UK DAC6 regime seems to remain in place, however: with a reduced scope of application.

Join us for a deep-dive into the implications that the updated regulation has for the financial services (FS) sector, with particular focus on cross-border asset management industry. Our analysis shall consider implications from both the UK and EU member states’ perspectives, especially the shift of DAC6 reporting obligations to EU intermediaries or even to EU relevant taxpayers. Additionally, we will also look at the UK’s future approach to tax transparency, as well as its bargaining power with the EU regarding the envisaged agreement on Financial (and other) Services.

Our expert speakers from HMRC and the OECD look to the current and future prospects for the UK regulations, followed by a panel discussion of leading FS tax practitioners in the UK and continental Europe.

Deconstructing the FS Impact

Join us to unpack and debate the following:

  • UK’s redaction of DAC6 and its impact on the FS sector
  • Re-drafted DAC6 reporting landscape for the Fund Industry
  • Fundamental shift in policy from tax transparency to tax privacy
  • Singapore route or retaining bargaining power with the EU?
  • Future plans and an understanding of the OECD MDR
  • Current post-Brexit situation in respect of reporting cross-border arrangements
  • Consideration of UK businesses with EU nexus and EU businesses with a UK nexus


James Marshall – DAC6 Policy Lead, HM Revenue & Customs

Paul Hondius – Head of Unit, Harmful Tax Practices, OECD

John Buckeridge – Senior Consultant, Hansuke (formerly HMRC)

Robert Welzel – Partner, WTS Germany / WTS Global

Séverine Lauratet – International Tax Partner, FIDAL / WTS Global

Ali Kazimi – Managing Director, Hansuke

John Billige - Operational Taxes Director, State Street


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    Hansuke Consulting

  • Guest speaker
    Ali Kazimi Managing Director @ Hansuke

  • Guest speaker
    Robert Welzel Partner @ WTS Germany / WTS Global

  • Guest speaker
    John Buckeridge Senior Consultant @ Hansuke

  • Guest speaker
    James Marshall DAC6 Policy Lead @ HM Revenue & Customs

  • Guest speaker
    John Billige SSGM Tax Operations Director @ State Street Bank & Trust Company

  • Guest speaker
    Paul Hondius Head of Unit, Harmful Tax Practices @ OECD - OCDE

  • Guest speaker
    Séverine Lauratet International Tax Partner @ FIDAL / WTS Global

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