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DAC6 and the Main Benefit Test

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Hansuke Consulting in collaboration with WTS Global, invites you to join in the lively debates on the latest DAC6 developments. Learn about leading edge thinking, best practice strategies and effective governance to achieve tax integrity.

Each week, we bring together leading industry practitioners, regulatory representatives and international tax specialists to participate in our DAC6 Academy: 12-week webinar series.

DAC6 and the Main Benefit Test

DAC6 is the latest tax transparency measure that imposes mandatory reporting of cross-border arrangements. Firms need to ensure that they have introduced detect, capture and report functionality for reportable cross-border arrangements. Additionally, the regime requires a retrospective review and report on any reportable arrangement from 25 June 2018.

We are delighted to bring together expert speakers to cover the following:

  • What is an arrangement
  • OECD BEPS Action 12
  • Threshold conditions
  • Tax advantage and MBT shield


Jonathan Schwarz - Barrister, Temple Tax Chambers

James Marshall - Policy Lead, HMRC

Robert Welzel - Partner, WTS

Ali Kazimi - Managing Director, Hansuke Consulting


Visit app.livestorm.co/hansuke-consulting/ for a full list of webinars and to find our more about our partners and guest speakers.

For more information contact events@hansuke.co.uk

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    Ali Kazimi Managing Director @ Hansuke Consulting

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    James Marshall DAC6 Policy Lead @ HMRC

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    Jonathan Schwarz Barrister @ Temple Tax Chambers

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    Robert Welzel Partner @ WTS

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    Hansuke Consulting

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