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How ATEC* Biodigesters used Digital to Fast Track Education & Behaviour Change in Cambodia

About this event

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Traditionally changing one individual's behaviour in the development sector can take 3-4 months and 30-40 hours of staff time. But thanks to the rapid rise of access to internet and use of Facebook through mobile, innovative social enterprise ATEC* Biodigesters used digital and a call centre to drastically reduce that time to a couple hours across a couple of days.

This new approach enables development businesses to reach and support local communities in countries around the world at scale, speed and with greater efficiency and effectiveness. In this session we’ll share how ATEC* approached their digital marketing funnel, lead generation and call centre process. As well as the key lessons learnt and insights development organisations can apply to use digital to increase their impact and rate of behaviour change.

Read more about the story here: https://blog.weareharvey.com/case-study-atec/

What we'll cover

  • The digital behaviour change funnel
  • Targeting, messaging, conversion points
  • Call centre process
  • Results & impact
  • Lessons learnt & insights
  • Q&A

Who this is for?

Anyone working in the development sector - social enterprise, NGOs, charities, non-profit organisations looking to leverage new technology and digital to more effectively and efficiently affect behavioural change

Hosted by

  • Team member
    Simon Smallchua Digital & Marketing Strategy @ Harvey

    Simon helps Conscious Businesses leave behind a better world - organisations who are making a positive impact on one or more of the UN’s SDGs/ From responsible banking (Bank Australia) to Biodigesters, Electric Vehicle company Jaunt to Certification body B Corporation.

  • Guest speaker
    Ben Jeffreys CEO @ ATEC* Biodigesters

    Ben comes from a background of development work and social entrepreneurship. Now CEO of ATEC* is a startup social enterprise that produces, sells and distributes patented biodigester systems for small-scale farmers globally. ATEC* is a joint venture between Engineers Without Borders and Live & Le...


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