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Prepping for the Unknown of 2021: A Four-part Series With Industry Experts

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2020 has been a hurricane of good and bad for everyone. Thankfully, the home improvement industry got lucky - with year-over-year growth of over 20%. 2021 is shaping up to be a complete unknown - potential change in political leadership, unknown job growth reports, and a virus that has completely disrupted our lives.

The Hearth team compiled the best National Organizations, Industry Gurus, and Top Contractors across all categories, to deliver a 4-Part webinar series that can serve as a playbook for the best-practices to ensure a successful 2021. We'll be covering everything from successful lead generation, to selling systems, to saving timing and money on the tedious operations of your business.


Part 4 of our series is on December 9th: Financing - Broaden Your Reach, Eliminate Dealer Fees, and Layer it Into Your Pitch. We're bringing together some of the best names in home improvement technology to discuss the best practices of positioning financing into your pitch and we'll give insight into how contractors can kill the #1 pain point accompanied with financing - dealer fees.

You'll hear from:

  • Anthony Ghosn - Co-Founder and CEO @ Hearth, Hearth is an alternative approach to home improvement financing that eliminates all dealer fees to contractors, works with 13+ lenders, FICOs down to 500, and can prequalify homeowners in 2-min or less, without touching their credit score. Hearth turns all customers into cash buyers and loans fund in as little as 24hrs. There is no underwriting criteria for contractors to join. Sign up today and fund deals tomorrow.
  • John Esh - Founder and CEO @ Joyland Roofing, John grew up cleaning the trash on job sites for his dad's business, Joyland Roofing. Since taking over as President from his dad, John has adopted a tech-forward approach and grown the business 4X in annual revenue. They're currently over 20 employees not including subs and continuing to expand.
  • Steve Weyl - Founder and Prior CEO @ Abel Roof, Steve is a wealth of knowledge on this subject, having run a $100MM roofing business. He is also a Sandler certified sales coach, consulting with companies of all shapes and sizes on how to maximize all functions of their business. Steve is an industry guru and sales expert!

You can check out the summary of our previous sessions, here.

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