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2024 Juneteenth Business Expo + Summit

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The Juneteenth Business Expo + SUMMIT is presented by TheBlack.Blog and HeavieTalk Media. The summit will run concurrently with the expo that will be held from June 17-19, 2024. The 3-day summit will consist of educational workshops, fireside chats, and a keynote speech.

We will be hosting two panels: Building Generational Wealth Through Black Entrepreneurship (6/17) and The #HBCU Experience (6/18). We'll also be speaking with impactful guests daily during our fireside chats.

Join us on #Juneteenth for a Poetry Slam with spoken word performances. In the weeks leading up to the summit kickoff, we'll be revealing the summit panelists, fireside chat guests and poetry slam guests.

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    Heaven Charniece Founder & CEO @ HeavieTalk Media

    Heaven Charniece is an HBCU grad and all-around creative. Driven by her desire to create authentic, safe, and captives spaces for rich storytelling of historically relevant events, Heaven embarked on the development of the HeavieTalk media platforms.

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    Roxanne Iniece COO and CFO of HeavieTalk Media @ HeavieTalk Media

    Roxanne Iniece is an author, consultant, and business growth strategist with over 20 years of experience. She is the founder and CEO of Growth Strategy Solutions which helps entrepreneurial leaders build profitable and sustainable businesses.

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