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Dare to scale now! Why you should go international in 2021.

About this event

Thinking of expanding globally, finally getting out of survival mode?

In partnership with Choose Paris Region, Hello Tomorrow is building a webinar aiming to help startups out of survival mode and explore the opportunities that 2021 could bring.

The current pandemic wreaked havoc on plans to go international for many startups. Yet, a startup’s greatest skill is, first and foremost, to adapt and evolve. As the crisis seems to stretch on, is it worth going worldwide in a pandemic and what are the parameters to take into account?

Join our experts during this webinar and ask them all your burning questions assessing whether it’s time to go out of survival mode and how.

Moderated by: Maija Palmer | Innovation Editor, Sifted


5:00 - 5:05 Opening | Welcome words and intro

  • Maija Palmer, Innovation Editor at Sifted
  • Thomas Fauvel, DeepTech industry expert at Choose Paris Region

5:05 - 5:40 Session 1 | Unlocking new ways of funding your international development in the current situation

5:40 - 6:15 Session 2 | How to onboard and engage an international team in the middle of a pandemic?

  • Sebastian Grote, Head of Strategy at X-Zell
  • Leonardo Alvarez, CEO at Protera
  • Yann Mauchamp, Headhunter at Mutual Benefits

6:15 - 6:30 | Q&A with Thomas Fauvel, Choose Paris Region

About the Speakers

Thomas Fauvel - Deep Tech industry expert at Choose Paris Region

Thomas supported hundreds of Tech start-ups in the Paris region in the last 11 years. For 2 years, he leads the Paris Region’s consulting practice for the digital and industrial Deep Tech sectors. He advises foreign companies looking to expand and plug into this regional ecosystem. He holds an engineering degree and a master's in Innovation and Technology management.

Sebastian Grote - Head of Strategy at X-Zell

Corporate strategy can be a nebulous profession. The same is true for marketing. At X-ZELL, a Singaporean start-up specialising in early cancer detection, Sebastian Grote is responsible for both. But he doesn’t like to think of himself in these categories. Sebastian is a journalist. Drawing on more than 20 years of experience in news and brand publishing, his mission is to bring a ‘journalism mindset’ to strategy and marketing. Shared values. Strong research. Clear messaging. No room for ego.

Sarah Benhamou - VC Principal at BGV

Sarah is part of the investment team of BGV, actively identifying high-quality ventures in the Europe-Israel region.

BGV is an early stage venture capital firm anchored in Silicon Valley with a presence in Israel, Europe (France) and India (Bangalore). We are 100% focused on cross-border Enterprise 4.0 companies, a new wave of Enterprise software, who are using AI to catalyze and lead the digital transformation of all sectors of the economy. We believe in the power of cross border innovation, and our main mission is to help companies to expand into the US market.

Yann Mauchamp - Founding Partner at MutualBenefits

Internet pioneer Yann Mauchamp is the founding partner @MutualBenefits.net, serving, so far 127 fast-growth tech-driven companies supported by 369 experts and executive leaders he headhunted. MutualBenefits is offering : Executive Search, Interim Management, International Growth advisory services.

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    Thomas Fauvel Deep Tech industry expert @ Choose Paris Region

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    Maija Palmer Innovation Editor @ Sifted

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    Sebastian Grote Head of Strategy Marketing and Communications @ X-Zell

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    Yann Mauchamp Founding Partner @ Mutual Benefits

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    Leonardo Alvarez CEO @ Protera

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    Sarah Benhamou BGV @ VC Principal

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    Sarah Pedroza COO @ Hello Tomorrow

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