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Naturally & Genetically Improved Food & Agri Products and Regulatory Realities Traitomic & Hello Tomorrow

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Looking to understand the deep tech and innovation trends in food and agriculture?​ 🌾🌱

Then join Hello Tomorrow and TRAITOMIC for a virtual panel discussion on the 29th of November at 2pm CET.

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Many food and agricultural products can be improved on a genetic level, which is called trait development. Traits in the raw materials can improve the nutrition, production efficiency, and yield of the final product. Many tools exist to improve raw materials both naturally and through GMO technologies. Each tool and each country have different regulatory approval journeys. Recently, the EU has also created a new proposal surrounding NGTs, which will be highlighted in this webinar.

Fortunately, there are ways to minimize those regulatory obstacles. By using conventional technologies such as Traitomic’s, the path to approval becomes much simpler.

A curated panel of industry experts (from Traitomic, Nature’s Fynd and Food Law Science & Partners) will share their unique knowledge and experience with trait development, exploring specifically how it can be leveraged within food and agriculture and how companies can navigate the current regulatory aspects around it.

🗓️Join us for this interactive session on the 29th of November at 2pm CET! If you can't make it, register to get the replay in HD.

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About Hello Tomorrow:

Hello Tomorrow is a mission-driven global organisation that aims to accelerate the transfer of deep technologies to solve some of our most pressing industrial, environmental, and societal challenges.

Partnering with over 200 of the best universities and accelerators to identify new and promising projects, Hello Tomorrow gives innovation a platform through startup competitions. They connect all key players (startups, universities, investors, accelerators, & enterprises) in a global ecosystem through events, competitions, and programs around the globe. The organization analyses innovation trends & dynamics leveraging experts and data from their network. They generate debate to question the role of emerging technologies in our society and provide innovation consulting services to help private and public organisations understand deep tech applications, regain agility, and manage their own ecosystem.

About Traitomic:

Traitomic offers the fastest development of new traits to solve the world’s food challenges. We have developed an accelerated trait development process, utilizing only traditional breeding technologies. This enables producers to create healthier, more diverse, and environmentally sustainable foodstuffs.

Traitomic’s proprietary conventional technology “FIND-IT” works in ALL plants & microbes. The technology offers surgical precision and accuracy and has global regulatory and consumer acceptance.

We are highly dedicated and motivated professionals in the field of molecular genetics, breeding and traitomics. While we are a young company, the team is looking back at decades of successful trait development in a wealth of crops and microbes. Traitomic is a spinoff of Carlsberg, born out of the renowned Carlsberg Research Laboratory.

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    Hello Tomorrow is a global initiative that transforms breakthrough discoveries in science and technology into products and services that can help improve human and planetary health, and allow businesses to develop more sustainably.

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    Toni Wendt Head of Technology Development and Operations @ Traitomic

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    Katia Merten-Lentz Partner @ Food Law Science & Partners

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    Chloe Khalifat

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    Debbie Yaver Chief Scientific Officer @ Nature's Fynd

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