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Investors Insights - Fundraising 101 - Tips and advice from deep tech investors

About this event

Are you raising your first round and feeling a bit lost in the VC world?

How does a VC work? What type of investor should I contact? How should I contact them? What's a perfect pitch? What mistakes to avoid?

Come along to get concrete advice from seasoned deep tech investors and ask them all your burning questions.

Confirmed panelists:

  • Julia Davourie, Partner at Small World Group / PVP Seed Fund
  • Robert Gallenberger, Partner at BtoV
  • Anders Frøseth, Founding partner, Propagator Ventures

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    Hello Tomorrow Hello Tomorrow

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    Thomas Salzgeber

  • Guest speaker
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    Julia Davourie Partner @ Small World Group

  • Guest speaker
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    Anders Frøseth Founding Partner @ Propagator Ventures

  • Guest speaker
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    Robert Gallenberger Partner @ BtoV

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