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Venture Lab Open Innovation Challenge - Q&A Webinar

About this event

The Venture Lab and Hello Tomorrow will present and describe the Open Innovation Challenge's topics, eligibility criteria, timeline, and prizes!

This webinar will cover:

  • An introduction to the Venture Lab within NGK SPARK PLUG
  • A presentation of the challenge and the value of partnering with the Venture Lab
  • A Q&A session, with Hello Tomorrow and the Venture Lab team

Join us on March 16th, 6:00pm CET!


  • Glenn Davis, Global General Manager for Smart Health, Business Creation Company at NGK SPARK PLUG
  • Daniel Hinz, Head of Venture Lab EMEA
  • Mikel Mangold, Innovation Project Manager Venture Lab
  • Vincent Durand, Head of Deep Tech & Innovation Consulting at Hello Tomorrow


The Venture Lab is a part of NGK SPARK PLUG’s Global Innovation Division. Their mission is to pursue innovative solutions and tackle tomorrow’s challenges. Eager to explore new opportunities for partnerships and collaborations, the Venture Lab is always looking for new projects to transform into thriving businesses.
Learn more about this Challenge on our dedicated landing page and through its brochure.

Hosted by

  • Guest speaker
    Mikel Mangold Venture Lab NGK SPARK PLUG CO., LTD.

  • Guest speaker
    Daniel Hinz Head of Venture Lab EMEA

  • Guest speaker
    Glenn Davis Global General Manager for Smart Health

  • Guest speaker
    Jeff Roe General Manager of Smart Health at Venture Lab

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