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New Activated Low Zinc Epoxy Primers

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Coating standards such as ISO 12944 and SSPC-Paint 20 demand that zinc-rich coatings contain at least 80% and 65% zinc dust by weight in the final dry film, respectively. Traditional zinc-rich primers need this high zinc loading to achieve galvanic protection of steel. However, new technology allows us to develop; for the first time; zinc primers with a lower weight percentage of zinc and still provide similar or better corrosion protection to the steel.

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  • Guest speaker
    Santiago Arias Head of Corrosion Protection @ Hempel

    Dr. Santiago Arias obtained a degree in chemistry from the University of Barcelona in 1982 and a Ph.D. degree from the same university in 1989. Joining Hempel in 1985, he has been working in different positions in R&D and business. Now he is the Head of Corrosion Protection.


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