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Norsok Standard M-501: Changes and Updates

About this event

We are pleased to invite you to our upcoming webinar on the new edition of the NORSOK M-501 standard for Surface protection and protective coating.

NORSOK is an acronym representing the competitive position of the Norwegian continental shelf in line with petroleum industry standards in Norway. In 1993, collaboration between the Norwegian authorities and the petroleum industry initiated the development of NORSOK standards.

Delivered by seasoned speakers including Lars Thorslund Pedersen, a permanent member of the standards board, this webinar will feature the latest changes from edition 6 of NORSOK M-501 published in 2012 to edition 7 which was updated in November 2022.

Our presentation will cover:

  • All systems with detailed information on new technical content based on experience, new requirements, tests, and new international standards.
  • You will also discover the coating systems that rank within a high durability range for increased performance and competitiveness.

Register to learn about these changes and its applicability to your business operations.

Hosted by

  • Team member
    Lars Thorslund Subject matter expert, Oil & Gas @ Hempel A/S

    Chemical Engineer, Ph.D. 20 years experience with corrosion protection coating systems

  • Team member
    Oluwatoyin Bayagbon Marketing Project Manager (Energy) @ Hempel A/S

  • Team member
    Raquel Morales Specification Manager for Energy @ Hempel


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