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Highlight // Fine tuning Highlight for Service Providers - achieve the best customer service

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Let us go back to the beginning and explain the service provider focused features in Highlight. How frequently we collect data (polling), when we decide there is a problem (thresholds) and how quickly we respond to that problem (sensitivity).

For a service provider to be successful, they must combine customer-focus and quick-response to issues, whilst also being as efficient as possible and minimising wasted effort. To add to this service assurance tightrope, service providers also have to offer a wide range of service levels to meet every budget and circumstance.

Highlight has been designed from Day 1 to simplify this operational complexity and enable service providers to scale to thousands of managed services without cutting corners or costing a fortune.

We will discuss:

• How Highlight collects data

• Data collection frequency

• Thresholds

• Sensitivity settings and profiles

• The Highlight fuel gauge

..and how these feed into heat tiles and alerting

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    Moderator Alex Moderator of Webinars @ Highlight

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    Craig Smith Technical Account Manager @ Highlight

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    Mia Worthington Product Manager @ Highlight

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