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How to transform a digital marketing agency to a dynamic self-organization

About this event

Join us for a dynamic webinar in partnership with:

→ Maciej Leonard Żybula, CEO at Bees & Honey

→ Marek Wzorek, CEO & Founder at PerfectCircle

→ Hosted by Sofia Graniello, Content Specialist at Holaspirit

In this occasion, we will dive deep into Bees & Honey's journey with Holaspirit with the help of PerfectCircle. We will see first-hand the organization's transformation and much more.

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Hosted by

  • Guest speaker
    Maciej Leonard Żybula Bees & Honey

  • Guest speaker
    Marek Wzorek PerfectCircle

  • Team member
    Philippe Pinault Owner, Founder @ Holaspirit

    Co-founder of Talkspirit & Holaspirit. I tweet about #entrepreneurship, #startups, #digitaltransformation, #holacracy, #futureofwork and everything I like :)

  • Team member
    SD T
    Sofia Dalesio

  • Team member
    Sofia Graniello Content Specialist @ Holaspirit


Grow self organized teams.

Holaspirit is a SaaS that helps businesses build and grow self organized teams. Used by more than 450 organizations of all sizes in over 30 countries.