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Unbox #2 - How to create a sustainable business in a circular economy

About this event

Live on April 28: 9 am (CEST) / 12:30 pm (CEST) / 7 pm (CEST)

Unbox #2 explores one of the biggest challenges and game-changers ahead – the transition to a circular economy. Government regulation such as the European Green Deal and consumer demand are now pushing brands across industries to rethink everything from product development to design and recycling systems. How can we create a sustainable business in a circular economy? And what role can packaging play?

Meet the experts at Unbox #2:

Jessica Cederberg Wodmar

“You need to be ahead of the legislation, because if you are behind it will be very costly for you when the legislation comes.”

Jessica Cederberg Wodmar has worked on sustainability issues for over 30 years and describes herself as a sustainability nerd. She is currently the Global Sustainability & Innovation Director for the premium clothes brand Gant and has helped develop their circularity strategy which encompasses seven rules: refresh, repair, reuse, rent, regive, remake, recycle.

Elodie Ternaux

"There are no sustainable materials."

Elodie Ternaux is both an industrial designer and an engineer who is an expert in materials. She co-directed a material library for over 15 years in Paris before recently forming Hyloh, a global consultancy network that works with brands, governments, material manufacturers and academia to make a positive impact through the application of materials, processes, and circular design thinking.

Jon Haag

"Companies have to optimise much more to be the very best in their part of a value chain, and they have to fit in to other value cycles."

Jon Haag is the Chief Circular Officer at the aptly named &REPEAT, a Swedish start-up striving to make the world more circular. As well as being an expert on the circular economy, he also, having worked with fibre-based materials for 25 years, knows a thing or two about packaging, an industry that will be critical to creating a circular economy.

Meet the host:

Sabinije von Gaffke

Sabinije von Gaffke is a highly experienced moderator, facilitator, speaker, broadcast journalist and communications catalyst in the intersection of tech, leadership, sustainability, impact and health.

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