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Global Education Market Briefing

About this event

Over a fast-paced and data-packed 45 minutes, Co-CEO's Maria Spies and Patrick Brothers will deliver the global executive briefing we have shared with cabinets, councils, boards and investment committees around the world.

Register for one of three briefings on 30 Sep or 1 Oct for AMER, APAC and EMEA friendly times.

Leveraging HolonIQ's world-leading Global Market Intelligence platform, the executive briefing will cover the following areas.

  • HolonIQ's post-COVID global education and EdTech forecast
  • Key market sizes, trends and growth rates. Pre K, K12, Higher Education and Workforce
  • The anatomy of an EdTech Unicorn and 60+ Mega Rounds over the last 10 years built on 10,000+ funding rounds.

We will briefly touch on three of HolonIQ's open-source frameworks

  • Higher Education Digital Capability Framework. An open-source capability framework for higher education. 4 dimensions, 16 domains and 60+ capabilities.
  • Global Learning Landscape. An open-source taxonomy for the future of education.
  • Five scenarios for Education in 2030. From Human Centric Peer to Peer to Artificial Intelligence and Global Giants.

Experience the advanced technology at HolonIQ that is powering decisions that matter for the world's most forward-thinking nations, institutions, companies and investors.

Hosted by

  • Team member
    Maria Spies Co-CEO @ HolonIQ

  • Team member
    Patrick Brothers Co-CEO @ HolonIQ

  • Guest speaker
    Loren Griffith Head of Solutions @ HolonIQ


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