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HE Webinar 5. New credentials. Where next?

About this event

Alternative and micro-credentials are playing an increasingly central role in the strategic plans for many traditional HE institutions as they seek to engage new learner markets, satisfy the demands of existing students and better service industry needs. As standards are beginning to form around micro-credentials and government incentives and regulatory structures are put into place, the integration of micro-credentials into higher education is likely to deepen.

This session provides an update on HolonIQ’s analysis of the alternative and micro-credentials market globally, including how traditional institutions and others in the market are competing and collaborating, along with discussion about the likely future role of micro-credentials in the post-secondary landscape.

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  • Guest speaker
    Aaron McKenna

  • Team member
    Maria Spies Co-CEO @ HolonIQ

  • Team member
    Lucy Blakemore VP, Education @ HolonIQ


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