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Micro-Credentials: Mapping the Alternate Universe

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Alternate and micro-credentials have already become an important part of most university strategic plans, whether as a standalone set of offerings or integrated into degree programs. Increasingly integrated into qualifications frameworks and government funding regimes, micro and alternate credentials are set to make a signficant impact on the post-secondary education landscape. Join this session for an update on what HolonIQ is seeing in the market and thoughts on how the future might unfold.

In this webinar, we are joined by Louis Soares, Chief Learning & Innovation Officer at the American Council on Education to discuss the alternative provider landscape and how the combined learning ecosystem of traditional and alternate providers might support social mobility and economic growth.

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  • Guest speaker
    Louis Soares Chief Learning and Innovation Officer @ American Council on Education

  • Team member
    Maria Spies Co-CEO @ HolonIQ


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