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The Rise of Skills, Competencies & Degree-level Apprenticeships in HE

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The pressure for higher education to deliver graduates with 'job-ready' skills is greater than ever. More organisations and governments are implementing skills-based hiring policies instead of using the degree as a proxy. Skills and Competency-based models in higher education are gaining favour, with degree-level apprenticeships emerging.

Join this session to deep-dive into how 'stackable credentials' are being used by universities and hear about new models such as degree-level apprenticeships and professional apprenticeship providers.

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  • Team member
    Maria Spies Co-CEO @ HolonIQ

  • Guest speaker
    Pierre Dubuc CEO @ OpenClassrooms

  • Guest speaker
    Sarah DeMark Vice Provost, Workforce Intelligence & Credential Integrity @ Western Governors University

    I create large-scale educational opportunities that positively impact individuals, employers, and communities. I am a recognized leader in creating innovative, engaging, and impactful large-scale education programs in both the higher education and corporate sectors. I am a strong advocate for creating skills-based educational programs that benefit and align both individuals and employers to improve workforce development. I have an insatiable drive to make products, processes, and outcomes better for customers and stakeholders. I balance innovation with operational efficiency. I lead and develop large teams of global and virtual professionals and create a culture of meaning and engagement. I am a product evangelist and communicate my passion through numerous publications and speaking engagements.


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