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The Ultimate SEO Dashboard for SaaS

About this webinar

The SEO Measurement Challenge for SaaS

SEO for SaaS is a moving target.

How should you define success?

By organic traffic? Keyword rankings? Non-paid conversions? Something else?

What KPIs should you be tracking regularly, and how should you act on those metrics? How and when should you attempt to determine ROI? What's a reasonable SEO budget within your overall marketing mix?

It doesn't help that critical data on SEO performance lives across several silos, from Google Search Console to Google Analytics to all-in-one SEO tools like Ahrefs, SEMRush and Moz.

If you're a digital marketer in a SaaS company who does not have a dedicated SEO specialist in-house, you need an easy way to automate and consolidate SEO performance data into a single easy-to-digest dashboard for demonstrating progress and success to stakeholders.

The ultimate SEO dashboard in Google Data Studio

We've got you covered.

We've constructed a template in Google Data Studio that pulls it all together. Set it up once, and it will remain updated in real time forever.

Using a combination of native data connectors to Google data sources and custom connectors to 3rd party tools, we've successfully built for our clients SEO Health Monitoring dashboards that tell the complete SEO story.

Who doesn't love solutions that mean less time on reporting and more time doing marketing work?

Tune in to this webinar to learn:

  1. What SEO metrics SaaS companies should (and should not) measure on a weekly, monthly and quarterly basis.
  2. What realistic SEO success for a SaaS company should look like (hint: it's more than just an up-and-to-the-right line chart).
  3. How to monitor and prioritize technical SEO issues for your developers.
  4. How to use keyword ranking alerts to know when to re-optimize existing pages and what topics to create new content around.
  5. How to walk your CMO and CEO through your SEO dashboard in 10 minutes flat.

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    Paris Childress CEO @ Hop Online

    Paris heads Hop Online, an agency dedicated to scaling B2B SaaS companies with cutting edge digital marketing strategies.

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    Galya Mladenova SEO Team Lead @ Hop Online

    Galya has a solid background in the highly-competitive travel sector, working with multilingual websites with 10,000+ pages. She can help any business find the right online niches for high-quality organic traffic.

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