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How to run and manage cloud projects cost-effectively if they’re not your core business

About this webinar

As more and more of your customers are considering the cloud as their next venture, you may see this as a challenge, particularly if they lack trained staff or have inadequate tech experience.

Building and managing a dedicated in-house tech team with multiple competencies is difficult and costly if providing these services is not your core business. 

This webinar will rely on real-life examples to show how to manage these projects no matter if they are in AWS, Azure, or Google Cloud, by cooperating with dedicated multidisciplinary teams. It will demonstrate the value we can deliver for you and your end customers.

Hostersi is a service provider with years of collective experience in developing and maintaining complex IT infrastructure projects as well as supporting customers in their transition from on-premise to cloud. In 13+ years on the market we have worked with leading global brands, including Danone, Lidl, Siemens, Avon and L'Oréal.


Albert Tischbierek

Throughout 15 years of working in the IT industry, Albert has helped companies in Germany, Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Great Britain develop and achieve their business goals through successful cooperation with outsourced service providers in Central and Eastern Europe. He is interested in the ways modern technologies and data analysis can be used to optimize and streamline businesses, in particular through process automation, machine learning, and predictive analytics. In his personal life, he’s an avid drummer and Japanese culture enthusiast.

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