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10 things we learned about listing photos and staging from interviewing 200+ hosts in 2021

About this event

Join Kati and Brian from Overlooked2Overbooked alongside the Hostfully team, as they explore what they learned from interviewing over 200+ hosts over the past year.

2021 was the year we dove DEEP into the psyches of hosts 🧠. Kati and Brian's business model became centered around 1-hour conversations between them and hosts. While the scheduled topic was assessing their listing, there was plenty of time to also hear about their deepest fears, their fondest wishes, and what they most needed and wanted help with.

Turns out, hosts are more alike than they are different. Many of them asked the same questions, had the same blindspots, and had the same challenges. And most of all, they all want to do right by their guests.

🙋🏽‍♂️🙋🏻‍♀️ So, how can this de facto “survey” help you? Well, we’ll put your mind at ease that you’re not the only one agonizing over certain things. Things like:

  • 🤔💭 How good does my listing actually need to be these days?
  • ⏳💰Which is more important to my success, time or money?
  • 🌟 How much difference can a stellar listing make to my bottom line?
  • 🔮 What’s the next frontier for staying ahead of my competition?

……and many more!!

BONUS: Kati insisted that we devote at least 10 minutes to teaching specific, actionable tips on how you can take better listing photos, just with your smartphone.

And, as always, we will be ready to answer any of your questions about the visual aspects of running your vacation rentals, and how to best prepare your business for an amazing 2022. Come join us!

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    Kati Greene Overlooked2Overbooked

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