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Small businesses: Surviving or thriving?

About this event

Join Brian Mcdonnell, Senior Director, New Partner Sales and Business Development at PayPal, and Margot Schmorak, CEO of Hostfully, as they explore the payment landscape and its impact on the vacation rental industry. In this webinar, we will be covering exactly what managers need to know in 2021 about payment processing and digital adoption. This sector is moving so quickly, sometimes it can feel overwhelming. This is why we are so lucky to be joined by our partners at PayPal to deconstruct what is going on in our industry, and what matters most to managers.

Specifically, the topics to be covered will include:

  • 💲 Installments: Demographics of payments
  • 💳 QR codes and contactless payments
  • 🤝🏽 Trust in your brand and payment system
  • 💉 COVID-19 data: Acceleration of digital adoption
  • 📜 A recap of 2020: Vacation rental industry data
  • 💱 Vacation rental payments best practices
  • 🙋🏿‍♀️🙋🏽‍♂️Q&A

And, as always, we will be ready to answer any of your questions about the payment processing landscape, and how to best prepare your business for 2021. Come join us!

Hosted by

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    Margot Schmorak CEO and Co-Founder @ Hostfully

  • Team member
    Hostfully Inc. Make the most of your stay! @ Hostfully

  • Guest speaker
    Brian Mcdonnell New Partner Sales and Business Development @ PayPal


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