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International HR Day – HR Shaping the new future

About this event

Talent Attraction & Acquisition at the ICRC; Humanitarians at the Forefront of Technology.

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  • Guest speaker
    Jessica Silberman Dunant Présidente @ HR Swiss

  • Guest speaker
    Audrey Fonteneau Head of Global Talent Management a.i. @ CICR

    Audrey Fonteneau is a dynamic, people-centric HR professional specialized in Talent attraction and sourcing, Talent acquisition, Talent analytics and workforce planning. Audrey is passionate about creating multi-cultural and high-performing teams who will support any crazy ideas to innovate talent activities to improve user and candidate experiences. After several years in the consulting and oil and gas industries, Audrey joined the International Committee of the Red Cross eight years ago. Audrey is currently Head of the Global Talent Management team ad interim.

  • Team member
    Hr Vaud

  • Guest speaker
    Virginia Malembe Head of Talent Attraction @ CICR

    Virginia Malembe is Head of Talent Attraction and sourcing. She has a background in International Relations and Communication. After her studies, she specializes in HR Marketing, specifically in employer branding, and worked for communication and outplacement companies before joining the ICRC in 2018. During the last 3 years, she has been heavily involved in the digital transformation of the unit. Today, she manages a global team of 10 Talent Attraction Officers, attracting specialist and generalist professionals all around the world, to meet the ICRC's talent needs.

HR Vaud

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HR Vaud est une association à but non lucratif au service des professionnels des Ressources Humaines représentant des entreprises et organisations de toutes tailles et de tous secteurs, publiques ou privées, locales et internationales.