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Getting Started with Amazon SageMaker: Train a Hugging Face Transformer and deploy it

About this event

Enterprise Scale NLP with Hugging Face & SageMaker

Workshop 1: Getting Started with Amazon SageMaker: Training your first NLP Transformer model with Hugging Face and deploy it

Learn how to use Amazon SageMaker to train a Hugging Face Transformer model and deploy it afterwards.

  • Prepare and upload a test dataset to S3
  • Prepare a fine-tuning script to be used with Amazon SageMaker Training jobs
  • Launch a training job and store the trained model into S3
  • Deploy the model after successful training

You will get access to a temporary AWS account to train your own model.🤯 🔥

Hugging Face discord hhttps://hf.co/join/discord will be used to communicate and support you.

📅 Join our hands-on workshop on 10/26!

Hosted by

  • Team member
    Merve Noyan Developer Advocate @ Hugging Face

    Developer Advocate Hugging Face AWS Community Builder Google Developer Expert

  • Guest speaker
    Mathieu Desvé Startups Solutions Architect @ Amazon Web Service

  • Team member
    Nate Raw Developer Advocate @ Hugging Face

  • Team member
    Philipp Schmid Tech Lead @ Hugging Face

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