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How To Achieve a 30% Reply Rate On Cold Outbound Emails

About this event

Average email reply rates can vary greatly, but some suggest they can hover around 1-5%. When Paddle, UK’s fastest growing software company, went to market with an outbound email strategy, they blew those numbers out of the water, consistently achieving reply rates of 30% or higher.

In this webinar, we’ll dive into how the Paddle team executed their outbound strategy to catapult their success. Topics covered include:

  • Paddle’s 7-step outbound framework
  • What data they required and how they sourced it
  • The tools and technologies used
  • Best practices learned along the way

We encourage anyone with responsibility for B2B marketing, sales, revenue ops, growth, and customer data management to attend this engaging 1-hour webinar.

Hosted by

  • Team member
    Tim Liu Head of Product @ Hull

    Tim has spent his career building and scaling software products from the ground up. The last decade he has worked primarily on data startups in a number of different verticals.

  • Guest speaker
    Brooke Bachesta Senior Manager of Sales Development @ Outreach

    Brooke Bachesta has spent her career working in startups and specifically within SDR shops, with a focus on scaling teams and taking companies up market.

  • Guest speaker
    Aleksander Bury Founder at Goodfit and former Head of Commercial Operations at Paddle

    Aleksander has spent most of his time at Paddle working on data driven prospecting, enabling the reps to send hyper-relevant messaging without the need to spend time on manual research. He since left Paddle to start GoodFit that helps businesses get truly custom data points on their prospects.

  • Guest speaker
    Harrison Rose Co-founder @ Paddle

    Harrison co-founded Paddle at 18 leading the go-to-market and commercial efforts. With revenues tripling each year since launch, Harrison has helped turn Paddle into one of the fastest growing software companies in the UK according to Deloitte Fast 50.