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Your Data, Your Way | Part 5: Data Synchronization

About this webinar

Configure and control your data flows

Truly breaking down data silos means having full control over the configuration of your data flows, including what data you want to sync and when you want to sync it. Unfortunately, many SaaS tools on the market today offer limited data syncing capabilities. Some only offer one-directional synchronization. Others offer bi-directional sync, but give you no control over which records or which fields you want to sync over to another system. Some restrict syncing to predetermined time intervals or schedules, instead of allowing real-time syncing.

In Part 5, we'll talk about:

  • Pros and cons of different data synchronization strategies
  • Keeping your downstream tools clean
  • Fine-tuning your data flows with two key Hull features: Segments and Connector Settings

Then, for an hour directly following the webinar, we'll be hosting "Office Hours"* on Zoom for our attendees. Join in to ask questions and get advice from our resident data experts.

*A Zoom Meeting link for Office Hours will be shared with all attendees. Office Hour sessions will not be recorded.

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    Tim Liu Head of Product @ Hull

    Tim has spent his career building and scaling software products from the ground up. The last decade he has worked primarily on data startups in a number of different verticals.