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Rules and Tools: State Oil and Gas Air Permitting and New Emission Controls Techniques

About this event

Spend 45 minutes at your desk and learn about State air permitting for oil and gas (O&G) facilities and Compliance with Profit through Revenue Sharing. Get helpful tips from presenters who worked and reviewed permits from the TCEQ and others states. Obtaining and complying with air permits is critical part of the operation of oil and gas production facilities. Air permits are processed, approved and enforced by State environmental regulatory agencies unless located on Federal lands or waters. Regardless of the regulatory agency involved, there are several common things an operator can do to ensure easier permit approval and compliance. 

Also, a new successful program will be discussed to make compliance easier through vent gas collection, called revenue sharing. This Vent Gas Management program can help eliminate air pollution from oil and gas (O&G) operations without capital outlay. HY-BON/EDI™ VRU solutions and equipment capture the waste gas emissions in a "closed system" to a gas sales line, thus preventing pollution, reducing regulatory risk, improving safety and providing a financial payback. New Technologies: Gas Conservation Filter and Flow Measurement Systems will be discussed. 

HY-BON/EDI’s vapor recovery units (VRU), vapor recovery towers (VRT) and enclosed vapor combustion units (VCU) along with our IQR and Leak Detection and Repair (LDAR) services offer a complete package for operators to comply with your State and Federal air permitting and emission standards, along with increasing profitability and reassuring your locations are safe.

Topics for the webinar include:

  • State Permitting Under the New EPA
  • State Agency Permitting
  • New innovative Revenue Sharing Program
  • New Technologies: Gas Conservation Filter and Flow Measurement Systems

Live participants will receive a certificate of completion via e-mail after the webinar.

Hosted by

  • Guest speaker
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    Brian Boyer President @ BTGap, LLC

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    Jeff Voorhis Regulatory Engineer @ HY-BON/EDI

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    Robert Wyatt North Texas, Oklahoma Sales Manager @ HY-BON/EDI


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