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Artificial Intelligence in Trade Credit Insurance

About this event

In an ever-evolving global trade landscape, credit insurance companies face the challenge of adapting to new rules and regulations while enhancing their underwriting methods to remain competitive. This webinar highlights how AI-powered solutions can revolutionize Trade Credit Insurance underwriting, ensuring adherence to regulatory standards while streamlining processes for greater efficiency on basis of relevant information. We discuss the frameworks in place for such systems, how the models operate and what the future holds.

Key Topics to be Covered

  • Enhancing underwriting practices: what is the role of AI in upgrading traditional underwriting methods, allowing for more accurate risk assessment, pricing, and decision-making.
  • Understanding data and taking better decisions: the power of data analytics and AI algorithms to gain deeper insights into credit risks, customer behaviour, and market trends, enabling underwriters to make more informed and proactive decisions.
  • Improving efficiency: AI as a tool to reduce manual tasks, and accelerating the issuance of policies, leading to a more seamless customer experience.
  • Navigating rules and regulations: what are the latest regulatory changes impacting the Trade Credit Insurance industry and the compliance requirements that underwriters must meet.

Speakers: Bill Quadrini (S&P), Olivier Placca (Tinubu), Robert Meters (Schumann).

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  • Team member
    Richard Wulff Executive Director @ ICISA

    After more than three decades in trade credit insurance, surety and political risk around the world, I'm honoured to be ICISA's executive director to bring added value to our members and tell the world about our important products and its function in our every day lives.

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    Bill Quadrini

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    RM G
    Robert Meters Director SCHUMANN International Limited @ Prof. Schumann GmbH

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    Olivier Placca


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