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Biometrics for Tomorrow: improve your customer journeys with new, innovative experiences

About this event

Today, biometric authentication is used in a variety of ways: from logging into phones or computers, to accessing sensitive data – and even to pay for our groceries. This type of authentication can be performed to access online and mobile applications, during a digital onboarding process, or even for physical access control. In each of these cases, it’s a trusted and frictionless means of authentication.

In Australia and New Zealand, biometrics and digital identity systems are progressively becoming one of the primary techniques of identifying both citizens and consumers. As the line between physical and digital touchpoints continues to blur, biometric authentication journeys can be the consistent factor in the future of seamless, intuitive and highly secure customer journeys.

Join us on Monday, June 21 at 3PM (AEST) to learn more about how biometric identification and authentication can shape the future of your customer interactions.

In this 45-minute webinar, you will learn:

  • Why biometrics are one of the best ways to identify people
  • How biometrics are being used in New Zealand and Australia
  • How enterprises can use biometrics to enhance their offering
  • How to get biometric implementation right
  • How to ensure user data privacy and security - zoom on liveness detection

We hope you’ll join us!

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    Alexi Paxinos Head of the Digital BU, Australia and New Zealand @ IDEMIA


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