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İsveç'in En İyi Üniversitelerinden Jönköping University'de Eğitim Almanın Ayrıcalıkları

About this event

Jönköping University is a modern university that thrives in a changing world and combines academic tradition with engagement. Strongly embedded in the region, with an international body of students and faculty, our campus connects innovative and creative minds from across the globe. Jönköping University is a young, lively, and well-recognized university that hosts thousands of students. Take the chance to get a first-rate education, new experiences, and an opportunity to grow. Our students are sought after, both nationally and internationally, and many have found a job even before graduating. With a curriculum supporting multicultural experience, you will be prepared for an international career.

Sweden is ranked among the best in the world when it comes to innovation, a position that we nurture both in theory and practice. During your time at Jönköping University, you will have the opportunity to start your own enterprise at our renowned business incubator, Science Park. Our education integrates collaborations with business and society, embraces sustainability, and develops understanding of the benefits of differences in collaborative endeavours. At Jönköping University, you get an education with high academic standards and profound real-world relevance.

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    Zeynep Nihal Kılıç Marketing Specialist @ IEFT

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    Jassim Sheikh

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    Hazal Öztahran

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    Selime Tokoglu

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    Özge Paker

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