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iiintent.io invites you to their event

The iiintent.io Technology Masterclass

About this event

Take a step into our Lab.

1-on-1 demos aren't for everyone. This is an on-demand, freely accessible in-depth walkthrough of our platform, the underlying technology, use cases, and more.

For those who watch the entire demo and decide to sign up, we have a rather on-the-nose "sign-up bonus". Like. a proper marketing team should.

No sensational fluff, here. Just straight-up practical and technical tutorials on why iiintent.io exists, what you can do with it, how it works with your current stack, and specific example scenarios.

After the demo, you can either choose to sign up or schedule a custom deployment call with our team of data scientists and marketing strategists. No strings. We love this game with a passion and intend to build a community around our three core pillars:

  • Invent
  • Innovate
  • Improve

Hence, the three "i's" in our name.

This isn't new technology for us (we come from the B2B space working with fortune 500 and 100 companies), but it IS a new market. We strive to go above and beyond for our founding members. Thus, if you need anything whatsoever, we are here to ensure your success is swift and downright saucy.


Hosted by

  • Team member
    JH T
    Josh Hamilton

  • Guest speaker
    CG G
    Chase Gibson Co-Founder @ iiintent


Invent. Innovate. Improve. Bringing data science to the front lines of Growth.

20% of your total audience generates 80% of your revenue. Just 3% of that audience is ready to convert today. ‍Imagine having that 3% delivered to you every hour on a digital silver platter. iiintent.io™️ makes this a reality.