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How to optimize payments for insurance - Payments Hero webinar series

About this event

Payments is the moment of truth for insurers, it's mission critical to delivering an excellent customer experience. To enable this, insurers need to design and build a payment infrastructure to deliver a reliable payment experience. Maintaining all of this is expensive, time-consuming, and resource-heavy.

With a single connection to Imburse, insurers can work with any provider and any payment technology in any market.

The panel for this live webinar session includes Imburse CEO Oliver Werneyer, CPO Bruno Soares, and Payment Solutions Specialist Joana Gois. This is a Q&A opportunity to ask experts about insurance payment challenges.

During this Imburse product webinar, we will:

  • Discuss insurers’ challenges with optimizing payments for their customers
  • Demonstrate the Imburse functionality for premium collection and claims payments
  • Show how to create rules for different countries with different providers and payment methods
  • Explore transaction data to reflect payment information across several vendors

Hosted by

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    Joana Góis Account Manager @ Imburse

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    Oliver Werneyer CEO @ Imburse

  • Team member
    Bruno Soares CPO @ Imburse


Through one single connection, Imburse connects any organisation, regardless of existing IT infrastructure, to the entire global payments ecosystem.